ATAK ENGINEERING                                 :Slide Gates,Pipe and manufacturings of the steel construction
AS CEMENT                                              : 7 units Aumond elevators, 2 units Rexnord elevator, 2 units Beumer elevator,Air slides (2700 meters),Cladius Peters silo transport  systems
chain converyors, Slide Gates (jalousie, butterfly, hyrdolic,pneumatic, stainless system , Expansion Joints  and rotary feeders with pre-heating and normal rotary feeders
ADO CEMENT/ANTALYA                        : Mill shafts, Screw conveyors, Belt conveyors, Slide Gates, Rotary Feeders
ADO CEMENT/ARTOVA                          :84  units Expansion Joint and 22 units system Slide Gates
BILIM MACHINE/CANAKKALE                : Air slides
CC/YIBITAS HASANOGLAN                    : Air slides, Slide Gates,
CETA / DENIZLI CEMENT                        : 3 units Rexnord elevators, Air slides, Slide Gates, Expansion Joints
CETA/ SURIYE                                           : 4 units Aumund elevators, Air slides
CIMPOR HASANOGLAN                           : Steel construction, Air slides , Cladius Peters Local Manufacturings , Slide Gates, Pipe Installments
CIMTEK/BASTAS                                       : 4 units Aumund elevators, Air slides, Pan conveyors, Slide Gates, Compensators, Polysius mechanical manufacturings, Steel construction manufacturings
DAL TECHNIC/MARDIN CEMENT           : Air slides, Slide Gates, Compensators, Steel Construction manufacturings
EKON                                                          : Ibau Air slides manufacturings, Bucket of elevator manufacturings
ELAZIG CEMENT                                       : 4 units Aumund elevators, Expansion Joints, Steel Belt manufacturings.
ETA MACHIN/POLYSIUS/FLS                  : FLS electro filters, Air slides, Elevators, Slide Gates, Compesators.
GULERMAK/NUH CEMENT                      : Aumund Pan Conveyors, Air slides,11 units Aumund Elevators, Rotary Feeders, Steel Construction Manufacturings
GULERMAK-OMAG/ACC SAUDI ARABIA    : 3700 meters Ibau Air slides, 9 units Aumund elevators, Chimney and Pipe Manufacturings
GULERMAK-POLYSIUS/BEREMOD               : 2 units Beumer elevators, Air slides, Mechanical Manufacturings, Pipe lines
HG CONSTRUCTİON/ BOLU CEMENT         : 6 units Aumund elevators, Air slides, Slide Gates, Expansion Joints, Local manufacturing of separators
HG CONSTRUCTON/KONYA CEMENT        : 2 units Aumund elevators
KAHRAMANMARAS CEMENT                       : 5 units Aumund Pan Conveyors, 9 units manufacturing of Aumund Elevators
KOCATEPE/CIMPOR                                      : Air slides, Air Slides for Silos and Silo exit systems
MIMAG/CIMPOR                                              :1 unit Aumund Elevator, Slide Gates, Expansion Joints, Air slides, Air slides for silos and manufacturing&mounting silo exit systems
SENTEZ/ANADOLU MIKRONIZE                   : Air slides
TIM/BOLU CEMENT                                        : Mechanical manufacturings of silos of steel cement and transport systems
TIM/ERENKO                                                   : Projecting the jet pule filter and mechanic manufacturings
TIM/CORUM CEMENT                                    : Manufacturings of air slides
TIM/ASLAN CEMENT                                      : Manufacturings of air slides
TIM/DANIELLE                                                 : Manufacturings of filter
SET CEMENT                                                    : Manufacturings of Spare parts as a official subcontractor